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If you've never seen Resolution before then you'll be surprised by its quality, its breadth of content and the sheer amount of 'stuff' we get into each issue.

It's a magazine that you will read from cover to cover - whether you're a sound supervisor in broadcast, a short-form audio post specialist or a personal studio owner - because we share your passion for sound. You'll be getting regular article 'slots' in every issue and you know that you'll be getting the best writers in the business.

Editorial director Zenon Schoepe has assembled a dream team that includes Rob James, George Shilling, Keith Spencer-Allen, Jon Thornton, Andy Day, Neil Hillman, Nigel Jopson, Jim Betteridge, Kevin Hilton, Dan Daley, and John Watkinson.

Together they represent the biggest pool of practical experience and knowledge in the industry and they share it with you in Resolution.



Slaying Dragons



Know How

Meet your Maker

Sweet Spot



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