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Resolution uniquely runs regular business articles to highlight trends and to emphasise the need to 'take care of business if you want to stay in business'. In competitive times picking up on business intelligence ahead of the curve will give you an edge. Dan Daley's regular Your Business column looks at business issues that pertain specifically to the Resolution reader.

Understanding how audio fits into the bigger picture of the production and delivery community is also vital because it gives an indication of where the business is going. We run a Business feature in every issue that looks at such diverse areas as downloading, royalty payments, new delivery methods and the reality of sales figures.

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Ahead of the curve

Assistants for assistance

If you build it, they will come

Lawyers, guns and money

Love it or hate it, MP3 is here to stay

The fall of Rome

Napster: winning the download race in Europe

Remixin': mixing business with leisure

Sample this!

There is also a third way - self-release

Direct to disc

Changing partners

Insure for your future

Why the SAN is shining in post

The dilemma of the orchestra

The wealth of nations

Audio at the heart of games

Old consoles don't die
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