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Resolution publishes the industry's definitive craftskill interview. We talk to leading production operators from all disciplines and no one gets into the nuts and bolts and the specifics as well as we do. Learn the skills, techniques and the mindset of the successful.

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Alan Douglas

Ben Hillier

Chris Munro

Francois Lamoureaux

Greg Penny

James Hannigan

Bernard Lohr

Greg Haver

Nick Cage

Cenzo Townshend

Ken Thomas

Bob Kraushaar

Jon Astley

Neal Pogue

Peter Baldock

Peter Cobbin

Ronald Prent

Steve Mac

Glenn Freemantle

Laurie Taylor

Steve Price

Sergio Galoyan

Ty Unwin

Tom Elmhirst

Rafa Sardina

Ken Scott

Florian Camerer

André Jacquemin

Mick Glossop

Willi Zurrer
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