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Meet Your Maker

We put the designers behind well-known pro audio brand names on the spot and ask them difficult questions. The answers are revealing and also give an indication of where your technology is heading.

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Jorg Wuttke, Schoeps

Greg Mackie, Mackie

Martin Kloiber, Euphonix

Paul Frindle, Sony Oxford

Peter Neubacker, Celemony

Rob Jenkins, Focusrite

Ziwei Zou, SE Electronics

Ari Varla, Genelec

John Peterson, Tube-Tech

Ole Brosted Sorensen, DPA

Chris Gaunt – Calrec

Wittek and Fleing -- Schoeps


Dirk Brauner – Brauner Microphones

David Dearden – Audient

Tino Fibaek – Fairlight

Bill Putnam Jr – Universal Audio

Christopher Hicks – CEDAR Audio

Joe Bull – Sadie

Rupert Neve – Rupert Neve Designs

Graham Boswell and Ian Dennis -- Prism Sound

John Stadius -- Digico/Soundtracs
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