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No other pro audio publication has made a bigger ongoing commitment to the demystification and understanding of monitoring and acoustic issues. We look at loudspeaker designs and technologies, we plan for control room builds, we assess acoustic treatments and we identify solutions for the monitor/room interface.

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Costing your studio build

Monitors in the digital era

Walls have ears - DPA/KKDK acoustic panels

Loudspeaker designs and interpretations

The great low-frequency debate

Are you hearing it right

A room at a price
An insight into subwoofers

The room and the monitor

Acoustic essentials
Sound on surfaces
Sound in rooms
Loudspeakers in rooms

Big sound from a small room

Life in the round

Where is multichannel going?

Genelec DSP monitoring technology

Accelerated Ribbon Technology explained

Discrete layered sound

Integrating monitoring into the chain

JBL at 60

The genesis of the M series
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