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Dave Robinson email: Tel: +44 1543 57872
192, Longford Road, Cannock, Staffs, WS11 1QN, UK


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Advertising – Europe

Chris Cope Tel: +44 203 289 8015, mobile: +44 7962 336300 email:

Sean Leslie Tel: +44 207 993 4704, mobile: +44 7925 096 590 email:

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Jeff Turner Tel: +1 415 455 8301 email

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Welcome to Resolution!

If you are involved in recording, postproduction, broadcast, mastering or multimedia audio production then Resolution is the magazine for you. Launched after the closure of Studio Sound magazine, Resolution is the next generation audio production publication for the working audio professional. By applying strong traditional values we aim to inform, educate and demystify technology for the reader and to help with the creative, technological and business aspects of their work. No other magazine looks like Resolution or reads like Resolution and we’ve supplied a broad selection of content on this site so you can get a feel for what we are about. Subscribe today and get informed.

  • Interviews and technique insights with engineers and producers in all the disciplines.
  • Facility visits with the emphasis on the business and technical structure.
  • Sweet Spot articles address loudspeaker and acoustics related issues with the view to educating the reader on these vital subjects.
  • Operational Tips on such topics as DAWs and mastering.
  • Resolution runs ten reviews per issue. They’re written by experts who are authoratative and unbiased. We cover everything from large desks, to mics, outboard processing, DAWs and software.
  • Resolution uniquely runs regular business articles to highlight trends and to emphasise the need to ‘take care of business if you want to stay in business’.
  • Resolution is unique in its approach to new and existing technologies; it explains, demystifies and places in context the developments that are shaping the industry.
  • News and analysis covers industry sales, contracts and appointments.
  • The Products section offers news on equipment releases as soon as information is available. This includes regular sections on DAW platform developments.
  • Headroom provides the industry’s most dynamic and interactive letters pages.

Existing readers

If you are an existing reader then you need to register to continue receiving Resolution magazine. Go to the My Subscription page with your RES number and your postcode as it appears on the magazine wrapper.

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