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SSL reveal UC1 channel strip and bus compressor controller

Posted on: Thursday 27th of May 2021

SSL UC1In the tracks of its UF8 DAW controller, SSL has launched a new, software-specific control surface for its channel strip and bus compressor plug-ins. 

With the UF8 now established as its main DAW control option, SSL is expanding its line of controllers with the UC1 – which brings the familiar layout and ergonomics of its desk channel strips and bus compressor to users of its software equivalents. It provides, simultaneous multi-function control of the SSL Native Channel Strip 2 and Bus Compressor 2 plug-ins – both of which are bundled with the hardware – within a DAW session. At the heart of the UC1’s functionality is the new SSL 360° plug-in mixer, a piece of software allowing users an overview of all of the SSL channel strips and bus compressors applied in their DAW via one virtual console. That provides a desk-style visualisation of the settings, which can be physically controlled by the unit. The software will also provide similar instant access to current and future SSL-designed channel strip and bus compressor plug-ins going forward.

The UC1 offers knob-per function encoders, switches and feedback LEDs, with a moving coil bus compressor gain reduction meter in a style familiar to users of its original hardware incarnation and the multiple software analogues. Along with this, it offers continual on-board display of the plug-in currently in use, and a value readout of the control currently engaged

SSL’s Native Channel Strip 2 and Bus Compressor 2 plug-ins are digitally modelled versions of EQ and Dynamics curves from the legendary XL 9000 K SuperAnalogue console. The V2 iterations add the ability to trigger the dynamics sidechain externally, while Bus Compressor 2 expands its feature set with additional Ratio, Attack and Release options, the ability to trigger the sidechain externally, as well as x2 and x4 oversampling.

The UC1 is available priced: £499 + VAT, $849 + Tax, €619 + Tax; for more information visit the SSL site.

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