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Jimmy “The Senator” Douglass: four-time Grammy-winning engineer, with a career spanning five decades, from Aretha Franklin to Sean Paul, Kanye West, Ludacris, Pharrell Williams & Timbaland. We also interview Rob Kirwan, and visit Salt Lake City’s HUGEsound Post Production to speak with owner and Avatar & LOTR composer Chance Thomas. Read our FREE Microphone Special. We also review 4 new microphones – AEA Nuvo N8 stereo, Aston Starlight, Townsend Sphere L22 modelling system & Sontronics Mercury – plus the Kahayan Epsilon 32-500 summing mixer, Tracktion Waveform DAW, Focusrite Red8Pre, Grace m900 DAC/headphone amp & DPA d:vice preamp.

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Tracktion Copper Reference
Nominated in the Resolution Magazine 2017 Product Awards, Interface category: the Tracktion Copper Reference as reviewed in our May 2017 issue by George Shilling - Bank Cottage Studio - "Listening to the DA output one is immediately struck by the purity and clarity of the audio. Even at 44.1kHz things seem fluid and open, and listening is unarguably more pleasant than using my own I/O which I thought was pretty good, is a current model and is highly respected ... The different I/O options here make the Copper Reference suitable for integration into a bigger system as well as for standalone setup - you might use a high I/O count interface for tracking, but when overdubbing make use of this for a cleaner (or dirtier valve) character. And you can monitor through the best possible DAC at all times. Extraordinary."
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2 hours ago

How to get your AMS Neve DFC mixer to play nice with Avid Pro Tools : the DAWSYNC plug-in for the DFC console, provides instant lock from the Pro Tools timeline to the DFC3D automation so that audio, video, and console automation instantly roll together without any delay, and without complicated synchronisation setups. DAWSYNC also provides a virtual 9-pin interface for transport commands, track arming, and PEC/Direct switching from the DFC3D to the DAW.
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11 hours ago

Maag Audio Magnum K
Nominated for the Resolution Magazine 2017 Product Awards in the Dynamics processor category: the Maag Audio Magnum K - a dynamics processor like no other! Reviewed by George Shilling - Bank Cottage Studio in our March edition (V16.2): "The K-Comp works wonderfully (on vocals and other sources); this almost always attacks exactly the right area to tame nasties. It works smoothly and invisibly, and I found I could often wind the Threshold up very high and make the LED meter glow intensely with no detrimental artefacts."
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3 days ago

Reviewed this month in Resolution Magazine , the Aston Microphones Starlight:
"An initial walk around the Starlight with the voicing at the Hybrid setting shows that the off-axis frequency response is indeed very smooth and balanced up to the 90 degree point, after which it starts getting quite lumpy. Direct comparison with a KM184 and an AKG C451 reissue with spoken word on-axis shows that the Starlight is a little brighter and harder sounding – and remains so whichever of the three voicings is selected. The difference between these three settings is quite subtle – the Modern setting pushes high-mid presence, giving a sound that is best described as more forward rather than brighter. Vintage removes this bump, and lifts the LF response ever so slightly. Hybrid sounds fractionally (and I mean fractionally) brighter than Vintage, and a little tighter in the low mids."
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5 days ago


Resolution Product Awards 2017

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Resolution Creative Awards 2017

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New Products

Radial Engineering DAN-TX and DAN-RX DI boxes allow users to send (TX) or receive (RX) two channels of analogue audio over a digital Dante-enabled network. The DAN-TX includes 1/4″, RCA and 3.5 mm inputs, with a single Ethernet output that can connect any analogue device to a Dante network. Mono instruments are provided a thru connection […]

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